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The Ministry of Internal Affairs focuses on providing the Tongan people with the support to help them achieve their social and economic independence and secure a better tomorrow as envisioned in the Kingdom’s National Development Strategic Framework.

The Community Development Plan constitutes a major component of the roadmap of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which sets out its major focus and direction over the next three years in relation to its Local Government priorities. These Plan complements the legislative framework and policy environment that guides the direction and mandate of the Ministry.

Guided by the National Vision of “A Progressive Tonga Supporting Higher Life for All”, the Ministry’s national policy directives are:

(1) Balanced rural and urban development across all islands,

(2) Empowering human development with gender equality

(3) Responsive good governance with strengthened law and order.

The vision of the Ministry is to drive meaningful change to make a difference to the lives of Tonga’s people, families and communities with a particular focus on vulnerable groups. With solid leadership and management, the Ministry’s key areas of policy-driven and activity-based initiatives are;

  1. Local Government & Community Development

  2. Culture

  3. Sports Development

  4. Women Affairs

  5. Youth Development

  6. Employment Services

  7. Social Protection

  8. Disability

  9. Church Leaders Desk

Evidently, the Ministry of Internal Affairs plays a critical role in the Government’s national priorities that relate to the enhancement and improvement of the Tongan people’s wellbeing and welfare.

The Ministry strives to build and harmonizes rapport with key stakeholders and to engage in meaningful dialogue and consultation in the implementation of policies and activities.

Today’s social and economic challenges are critical to the Ministry’s work. These challenges cannot be singularly solved by the Ministry alone. Building and maintaining good relationships and partnerships with other levels of government, businesses, communities, advocates and service organizations help provide responsive programs and support innovative solutions. The ministry continues to work on several initiatives aimed at building long-term sustainability for the social sector that will increase community inclusion, accessibility and employment opportunities for all Tongans.

The Community Development Plan reflects the immediate needs of the communities and will drive the wide-ranging reform and strong platforms the community intends to implement in delivering the new measures of investing in the social and economic development of this Kingdom through a bottom up approach.

September 28, 2016

As part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs – Culture Division continuous endeavour to promote and enhance the culture and traditions of Tonga, traditional 

July 04, 2016

The Local Government elections took place on Wednesday 29 June of which 18 women stood as candidates for District and Town Officer Positions.

April 12, 2016

Jenny Salesa, the New Zealand Member of Parliament for Manukau East is currently in Tonga as part of the New Zealand relief efforts to Vava’u that was affected by Cyclone Winston last month.

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